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Who we are

Our Print Library

Explore our library of print ready, rotary repeat and fully editable textile designs.

Yes. Working rotary repeats! (Don’t know what that means? No problem…but it’s pretty cool, we promise.)

Yes. Fully editable for you to change and recolour to suit your project specifications.

If you can’t edit them yourself then just pick a design that you like and use one of our designers to do the job for you. You will not only be presented with a high quality artwork on completion of your project but you will be providing free technical training and support to a local South African design student, who will actually get paid to learn, while your project is overseen by a fully trained and highly qualified industry specialist.

Want a completely original design? No Sweat. We can do that for you too.

Have a design that you want to be put into repeat and changed into your own colours? Or only pieces of the design? Hand it over to us and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Our Freelance Design Services and Empowerment Project – our Vision

We aim to offer you top notch, professional and original textile design, at an affordable rate, via our local empowerment project that aims to regenerate the Fashion Design Industry in South Africa.

Our successful applicants to the program will be hand picked by us from talented up and coming local design students in South Africa at some of the top design schools.

We offer these students the opportunity to learn, via working experience, so that we can pass on our knowledge of the industry first hand. And we will actually pay them to do this.

Our Client Services Managers will personally oversee all aspects of live projects. Your project will remain completely confidential as all of our students are required to sign an NDA on being signed up with us.

We allow all of our students to work on every project, as a learning experience, where we provide technical and design feedback during the process. What we feel is the best artwork, once the designs have been generated (hitting your deadline!) for each project, will be delivered to you in a digital format, ready for your printer. You will receive the full licence for the artwork once you have approved it and all work on the project will then be destroyed to ensure complete confidentiality to our clients.

Our vision and our Promise to You

We will deliver design that is of the highest industry quality standards at an affordable rate to your desktop, while empowering our young local designers and paying them for their skills.

How you can get Involved

Please go ahead and try our design services.

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