Why Global Textile Design

Seamless working repeats & Tiles

Our designs have a proper textile design, creative and hand done style that is not visually “dead” and computer generated.

The designs have character and a flow that only comes from them being originally designed by hand before they are converted to digital files.

Proper Rotary Repeat Sizes

Our designs are uploaded by properly trained textile designers and are created specifically for rotary textile printing.

We supply correct rotary repeats and offer industry trained professionals for you to outsource to.

Pay as You Go or fill your e-Wallet

We keep things simple and don’t tie you in to paying unnecessarily for accounts that you don’t use.

Pay as you go for once off downloads or fill your e-Wallet to use for future purchases and get a free bonus of $10 added to your wallet.

Download our fabric designs and tiled backgrounds
on demand.

It’s really simple.

Our files are editable and we have a page with clear instructions on how to use them here.

When you choose a file for download the amount will be deducted from your Global Textile Design e-Wallet or you can pay directly with your credit or debit card via PayPal (no PayPal account required).

Simply do a once off payment via our secure payment options if you don’t feel like signing up or fill up your e Wallet via your account page if you want to save time later on.

Your cash in you e-wallet never expires and you can download our fabric designs and tiled backgrounds as you need them. If there is not enough cash in you e Wallet the remaining costs on your purchased can be paid for with your credit or debit card. We don’t keep you tied in by holding on to your e Funds.

Because we value your business we will give you an additional $10 to spend every time you fill up your wallet with over $50.

You can easily top up your e-wallet on your Account Page or just pay on the fly as you need the designs.

No subscriptions. No limit on daily downloads.



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